Week 5: 24 June 2019 - 30 June 2019


  • Design of online importer and exporter
    • PyGitHub library will be used to access the repository
    • It could be better to show the tree of states with the parameters instead of a snapshot
    • There will be a main xml file in the repository containing the names, descriptions and the folder name in which the behaviour and the snapshot/tree of states is present
    • A demo repository will be created by me which will be used to create the online importer and exporter and once its complete we will shift to a jderobot repository.
  • Design of parameterization of VisualStates -A list of added parameters need to be displayed during the import of a file


  • Implement the design of the exporter and importer
  • Display the list of added parameters during import


  • Created the demo repository for the library. Link
  • Added the exporter to visual states. Pull Request
    • It does the following:
      1. When user clicks on File > Library Export it asks user for the username and password
      2. Once the username and password have been verified it asks the user to input the name of the behaviour and a description of it.
      3. It then connects to the library repository and creates a fork on the users accounts or uses the already existing one.
      4. It syncs the master branch of the fork to the library via a pull request which is automatically merged.
      5. Then it checks for an existing branch of the same name as to be created, if a branch exists it writes the files and updates the catalogue on it or else it creates a branch of that name and writes to the one that has been created.
      6. Lastly it checks if a pull request is present from the branch to the library and if there isn’t one it creates one itself.

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