Week 11: 5 August 2019 - 11 August 2019


  • A new model named ArDrone2 will be used to develop more behaviours
  • Any of the prius behaviour was to be either improved or a new one was to be created.


  • Create behaviours using ArDrone2 and improve or add behaviours that use prius model.


  • Improved the prius_overtake behaviour by using orientation and position based transitions instead of temporal transitions. Pull Request

Problems faced

  • The repo supplied was very old so many errors had crept in. After solving almost all errors (such as it needed gazebo 7 to build and they were accessing std func directly with the using namespace command), I had to leave it as it had a dependency on an older version of a library which wasn’t available. So I have to create a urdf with the prebuilt plugins added to a included folder.

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