The tasks for this week were:

  1. Porting of three more exercises (This brings us to a total of 5 out of 8). Completed - links below:
  2. Creation of a new kinetic-devel branch in the assets repository populating it with the required artifacts. This also includes testing it. Completed
  3. Reorganization of the UI in rqt_drone_teleop and the addition of an emergency hover functionality. Completed
  4. Begin continuous integration for the drones and assets repositories. Completed - Pull request 1, Pull request 2

Path forward

Note: We are ahead of the proposed timeline!! :D

With regards to the continuous integration, after the aforementioned pull requests are merged, hopefully within this month, these packages shall be synced after which they shall be available from the official sources as jderobot-assets, drone-wrapper and rqt-drone-teleop. I followed this turtorial on relasing with bloom for the release.

The remaining exercises are a bit complicated than the ones that have already been ported due to the fact that they have multiple agents. But the good thing is that I have more time to do this as we are ahead of schedule!