Evaluation 1 Report!

GSoC Phase 1 Report

The first 4 weeks of Google summer of code were quite productive. I got acquainted with the development of Jderobot, created docker containers, migrated Amazon Warehouse exercise and published videos, everything within a month.

Week Dates Main Tasks Sub tasks completed Issues Resolved / PRs Merged Blog Type Published URL
Week 0 4th May - 1st June Getting to know Jderobot Academy, Setup Solving Global navigation exercise: Path planner, motion planning Issues Fixed: #1 with PR Beginning of GSoC Journey, Community Bonding 1,2 Blog https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/beginning-of-gsoc-journey
Week 1 1st June - 7th June Releasing Jderobot Assets Adding Jderobot_assets for ROS Noetic Distro, Writing instructible guide, Creating complete docker image #53,54 “Adding Noetic support for repo” with PRs #54 for Jderobot_assets, and #25236 for ROS distro with commits. And we have a liftoff! How To, Release https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/and-we-have-a-liftoff
Week 2 8th June - 14th June Porting Amazon Exercise to ROS Noetic Porting existing packes for Python and C++ #3 with PR #4. Let’s start (c)making Research https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/lets-start-cmaking
Week 3 14th June -1st June Porting Amazon Exercise to ROS Noetic Removing comm dependency and adding connector library #5 with PR #6. Connecting the dots! Development https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/connecting-the-dots
Week 4 22nd June -28th June Launching Exercise Writing instructions, Finalizing Docker, Model Updates PR #58 on Jderobot/assets for gazebo model update. PR #1401 on Jderobot/base for connector package. PR #8 on colab repo for launchable docker exercise. Launch off! Publishing Exercise https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/launch-off
Week 5 29th June - 5th July Launching Exercise, New idea discussion Releasing video, How - to guide, Official release for ROS Noetic