Evaluation 3 Report

GSoC Phase 3 Report

Week Dates Main Tasks Sub tasks completed Issues Resolved / PRs Merged Blog Published URL
Week 10 10th August - 16th August Finishing single robot ROS2 environment Complete model with working lift, Writing action plugin, Finalizing structure for multi robot exercise #10 Gazebo Import #7 ROS2 Amazon Robot model #1 ROS2 planning system example bugfix 2x! https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/two-x
Week 11 17th August - 23rd August Navigation2 with custom robot controller Created new custom robot controller structure, Behaviour tress to include load pallet, FollowTarget plugin #12 Creating a framework to add new new functionality with Nav2 Behaviour Trees https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/behaviour-trees
Week 12 24th August - 30th August Multirobot Environment with working collaboration Setting parameters for nav2 plugins, Action client for multi robot collaboration , docker images #1933 Nav2 local_costmap crash issues #11 Separate Action server for issuing action commands for robot controller JdeMultiBot https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/jde-multibot
Week 13 Final Submition Designing exercsises and publishing Creating videos of working exercises, Writing instructions, Final report and PRs #585 JdeRobot/RoboticsAcademy, #19, #23 JdeRobot/CustomRobots