Evaluation 2 Report

GSoC Phase 2 Report

Week Dates Main Tasks Sub tasks completed Issues Resolved / PRs Merged Blog Type Published URL
Week 5-6 29th June - 12th July Releasing the exercise for ROS Noetic Creating a new model for amazon warehouse robot in .xacro format and making it fit with academy arch. PR #1 on Jderobot/CustomRobots for new gazebo model. Back to the start AMAZON-WAREHOUSE-ROBOT, EXERCISE, GAZEBO, WEEK-5, WEEK-6 https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/back-to-the-start
Week 7-8 13th July - 26th July Porting Amazon Exercise to ROS2 Learning and understanding ROS2 architecture, build systems. Porting model. Creating packages and launch scripts. Issues Fixed: PR #8 on Jderobot/CustomRobots Issues Pending: #7 WIP for ROS2 Amazon Robot model Level 2! AMAZON-WAREHOUSE-ROBOT, EXERCISE, GAZEBO, ROS2, NAV2, https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/level-2
Week 9 27th July - 9th August Porting Amazon Exercise to ROS2 Porting navigation stack, bare minimum launchable exercise in ROS2 with working single robot   Finding the way Research https://theroboticsclub.github.io/colab-gsoc2020-Shreyas_Gokhale/finding-the-way