Issues Created

  • #79: [foxy] amazon_robot_controller fails to build
  • #81: [foxy] amazon_robot_rviz_plugins fails to build

Issues Solved

  • #80: [foxy] Fix to enable amazon_robot_controller package to successfully build; solves #79
  • #82: [foxy] Fix to successfully build amazon_robot_rviz_plugins; solves #81

Progress on the Issues

  • Please check Week 1 blog for my initial deliberation on these issues
  • Detailed bug reports, error logs, and discussions contained in issue pages #79 and #81

Fixing #79

Two edits were performed inside robot_controller.cpp:

  • Changed buildTreeFromText to createTreeFromText
    Reason: Change in API name inside the Navigation2 source code
  • Commented out the if (use_bond_) clause inside on_activate and on_deactivate functions
    Reason: No matching function calls to nav2_util::LifecycleNode::createBond() and destroyBond()

Fixing #81

Modification in nav2_panel.cpp:

  • Added std::chrono::nanoseconds(-1) as an additional std::bind argument for the functions onStartup, onShutdown, onCancel, onPause, onResume
    Reason: nav2_lifecycle_manager::LifecycleManagerClient API’s have been modified to accept an additional timeout duration argument. The intended effect of std::chrono::nanoseconds(-1), as per my understanding, is to never timeout.