Issues Created

  • #8: Initiate web template for Amazon warehouse exercise
  • #1126: RADI web template for Amazon warehouse exercise

Issues Solved

  • #1184: RADI web template for Amazon warehouse Single Robot exercise; solves #8 and #1126

Progress on the Issue


Demo of Nav2 goal in Amazon Warehouse Single Robot Exercise (Initial web template)

It contains a few bugs related to loading the map into the planners* and Waypoint mode Navigation.
These bugs will be ironed out in later commits.

* (temporary workaround for this is pressing “Pause” and “Resume” in RViz before setting “2D Pose Estimate” as done in the video)

Steps to replicate

git clone
cd RoboticsAcademy/scripts
git checkout issue-1126
docker run -it \
      --rm \
      -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
      --name foxy_radi_container \
      -v $PWD/../:/RoboticsAcademy \
      -p 8000:8000 -p 2303:2303 -p 1905:1905 -p 8765:8765 -p 6080:6080 -p 6081:6081 -p 1108:1108 \
      foxy-radi ./
  • Click the Django server URL presented
  • Click the Amazon Warehouse Single Robot exercise
  • Press “Connect”
  • After successful connection, press the “Rviz” button followed by the “Gazebo” button
  • Press the “Startup” button in RViz
  • Inside RViz, press the “Pause” button, then again the “Resume” button (bug in the existing amazon warehouse exercise code, will be tackled in a different issue)
  • Give “2D Pose Estimate” at the origin in RViz
  • Give “Goal/Nav” destination anywhere in the map in RViz
  • You should be able to see the robot navigating to the goal location in RViz as well as Gazebo