Coding Period: 8

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Week 8 is just an extension of week 7, where the task of completing the objectives of week 7 was the only task.


  • Check the codebase as well
  • Add more graphs in the Benchmarking section
  • Update the Frontend of the exercise (like allowing the user to choose between different graphs)

The execution

The first thing that went through my mind, was to try and first do the HTML part of the code, i.e. adding a division and a list of all the possible options of graphs available. I decided to refer to [1] for this work. It was then decidied to have 3 graphs in total, they being mean Average Precision, 11-point Interpolation and Average Precision. After this, i explored ,and found out that we can use 2 graphs, that are available to us, through changing the parameters passsed in the functions. Now, I decided to try both of these, and Got something like this.


(From Week 7 itself, Week 8 is just an extension of the work for week 7)

Now, to add more Graphs in the benchmarking section, I first decided to go in the and the section of the RoboticsAcademy exercise github, to see and understand what all graphs are available to the users. Here, i found out about EveryPointInterpolation, and the ElevenPointInterpolation methods to plot the graphs. I decided to add an entire section for the Average Precision, similar to the above mentioned methods. Now, after adding my method, I ran the exercise and I realised that it took a LOT more time to get the graph for Average Precision, as compared to the other graphs. So, I decided to completely drop the idea, and decided to move forward with 2 graphs, instead of 3. Now, the next step was to create a list in HTML, and then using javascript to get the value that the user chooses form the list using the Document.getElementByID Function, and use the Websocket to pass a message everytime the user selects an option from the list, and print a graph as per the User’s preference. However, All of this is happening, BUT only 1 time, when the user tries to change the option,the graphs don’t change. I am not able to completely unserstand the reason for this.


P.S.1 Tonikawa pretty wholesome stuff xD. P.S.2 Violet Evergarden OST REALLY GOOD!!


[1] [2]