Week 11. Chart.js, Vacuum cleaners evaluators!

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This week I have to do some things:

  • I did the Obstacle avoidance evaluator grafic with Chart.js
  • I change host.py, and ws_code.js & ws_gui.js of all exercises for refactor exercise templates to work with new RADI version 0.3.4
    Right now the pull request is done and Jorge works all the exercises except the follow line camera, everything works correctly for me.

  • I have done the Vacuum Cleaner Automatic evaluators for Vacuum Cleaner & Vacuum Cleaner Loc and this is how looks like:

I added an improvement by putting the squares in black so that they correspond to the map

image 1
Vacum Cleaner black squares map evaluator

I ‘ll do the pull request when issue refactor exercises for RADI 0.3.4 is solved. Update: All github pull request done .