Week 13. Fix D1, RADI 0.3.5, Evaluators … & Promotional Videos

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This week I have to do some things:

  • I change the buttons to a horizontal nav bar and this is how the front end is finally complete.
image 1
Final Frontend Unibotics exercises
  • I installed again from 0 the D1 of Unibotics to fix it, I fix D1 to work with evaluators and RADI 0.3.5, the master branch was not well updated with ws_code.js for RADI 0.3.4 (latest) and 0.3.5 and old pull request were added and D1 was broken. I uploaded ws_code.js and some other files, also I update the webtemplates with the changes of home button, logo, then I added evaluators. *We still have to separate the html code for the editing part in the base of the templates but we needed the d1 to work

  • Also, I have recorded 4 promotional videos for unibotics and I have changed the logo on social media.