Week 4: 17 June 2019 - 23 June 2019


  • The documentation will be better with a blog style appearance rather than the current one.
    • This way the documentation could be made more comprehensive
  • Design of parameterization of VisualStates
    • The parameters are going to act like local namespace variables in the the source code.
    • They are to be added from the local namespace UI
    • They are not needed to be shown while importing, later whn selective state import will be added they will be shown to the user as a part of the states
  • Design of online importer and exporter
    • Each behaviour needs two details
      • Name
      • Description
    • A snapshot would be added that could be auto generated or created by user of the root state
    • The repo will contain folders for each behaviour where the snapshot and xml file will be stored and another file at the root of the repo to store a list of the behaviours.
    • The exporter will create a pull request to the repository and add required code automatically.

Week 3: 10 June 2019 - 16 June 2019


  • The issue Child Automata doesn’t start from initial state if parent state ran once.
    • This could be a design decision or a flaw needs to be looked into.
  • The design of VisualStates could be improved by implementing a tabbed structure - Issue opened here.
    • Further discussion will be held on an issue that will be opened on the VisualStates repository.
  • The issue of User Input Validation .
    • The issue needs to be split into specific issues(by me) for specific inputs.
  • Transition Code and Condition execution order.
  • Instead of keeping a Python and a C++ radio button to change syntax highlighting ask user for his language preference at the beginning of the new behaviour.
  • An issue needs to be created (by me) for the parameter design documentation. It will help in taking inputs from everyone to better the design - Issue opened here