Week 7: 8 July 2019 - 14 July 2019


  • Design of the parameterization of the VisualStates
    • Tree of states with parameters are going to be shown during import
    • The states can be selected in the dialog mentioned above
    • The information of states would be collapsible for easy viewing
  • Design of online importer and exporter
    • The download and upload of files are going to be done via QThreads for multithreading the operations
    • One Class in one file structure is to be followed
    • The exporter doesn’t need to show messages in this stage of development

Week 5: 24 June 2019 - 30 June 2019


  • Design of online importer and exporter
    • PyGitHub library will be used to access the repository
    • It could be better to show the tree of states with the parameters instead of a snapshot
    • There will be a main xml file in the repository containing the names, descriptions and the folder name in which the behaviour and the snapshot/tree of states is present
    • A demo repository will be created by me which will be used to create the online importer and exporter and once its complete we will shift to a jderobot repository.
  • Design of parameterization of VisualStates -A list of added parameters need to be displayed during the import of a file

Parameterization of VisualStates


Visual States tool was created to make the production of automata behaviours easier and faster. Some of these states are common between behaviours and only some variables are needed to be changed to add them to the behaviour. Parameterization of VisualStates makes it easier to tweak these variables to perfection.