Back to College

Connecting trains , Registration and Room shiftings

It is finally over , a three months long nice summer vacation . And I like most people in India took a train to reach Kanpur . The most annoying thing about my journey is , there is no direct train to reach Kanpur from Vizag (my hometown), i.e. I need to board two trains , one from Vizag to Bhubaneshwar , wait here for a few hours and board the next train from Bhubaneshwar to Kanpur , and the whole journey needs you to spend 35-37 hours of your life . After reaching my college , we Senior Undergrad students are required to shift to our new dorms . Now comes the hard part , my cycle was in no condition to be used , and the new dorm is the fathest one from every frekking place which we are required to visit for the next 1 year . And without a cycle the chances of your survival here are less , if not survival , your attendance for sure . And I did all the shifting , registration , required shopping without my cycle . At the end of the day I couldn’t feel my legs , it was as if I dipped them in ice cold water . I guess I missed something , forgot to tell you at what time I reached my college , it was around 00:30 (mid-night 12) and by the time we had our dinnner and bath it was 1:00 AM , I along with my other friend was required to share a bed, as we will be alloted our rooms the next morning . And guess what ….. after about 4 hours of sleep it was morning already . Had I sleept any longer I might not have got the room where I’m staying now . So that ends the first half of the week.

The other half

I went through ROS tutorials once again , as the last time I used ROS was during my semester. And made the rough roadmap of how it can be implemented . Later discussed the same with my mentors during today’s meeting. The particular task of developing a ROS-Node was divided into two weeks. First week was for knowledge gathering and the second one for implementation. The delay was included in the timeline so I guess there is nothing to worry .