The Unexpected Week

Week 2: Transition from a bad start to regaining confidence.


  • Task 1: Added playback functionality to groundtruth window and synchronised it with the inferenced one.
  • Task 2: Finished familiarizing and experimentation with Qt.
  • Task 3: Finished designing the GUI to graphically select the required parameters.


  • Task 1: Integrate the above created GUI with the suite.
  • Task 2: Change the GUI from ListView to dropdown.
  • Task 3: Add filtering functionality to deployer.

After adding playback functionalities to ground truth as well a PR was made on the very first day of week2.And this week’s work has been started. Most of week 2’s work was on improving the GUI of the suite, which was built using Qt. As I was not familiar with this framework,some time(Max 3 days) was alloted to learn and experiment with Qt in the proposal itself. Everything went smoothly untill now.
After getting enough familiarity, now the bad move, I started to implement the dropdown feature in the Suite and it wasn’t going as expected. Because the parameters which where being passed to the function calls to deployer , SamplerGenerationHandler , GenericLiveReader , GenericInferencer and other relevant header files were in the form of QListView. Changeing at one place required to edit the corresponding function calls with appropiate paramaters. This combined with sudden damage of my battery and visiting my grandmothers place had their toll on me. Although a lot of experimentations were made it was nothing but trash. And I got panicked as no useful code has been produced since the initial PR has been made that week.

Then on the same day I talked to Vinay and explained him my situation and we had a meeting that day. We then discussed a few things and set our priority order. This meeting not only consoled me but also helped in regaing my confidence back. And then I started my work on implementing a pop up that would ask us to provide the required parameters(datasetPath,netCfg etc) if not provided a config file while starting the app. And I was able to complete the GUI of the pop-up before week2 ‘s meeting with my mentors.


Currently the app has the following interface, will be editing as a few other parameters are also required to run evaluator,detectors etc.


Final note: Although slight delay was expected the damage of my laptop battery and my unplanned visit to my grand parents house delayed the work by 2 more days. But thanks to my mentors for their help, now I guess I can complete my as tasks mentioned in my proposal without any hindrances.