Forgot creating an AppConfig file, not a problem !!


  • Task 1: Changed the interface to accept either of the AppConfig file or the individually selected weights
  • Task 2: Integrated it with suite


  • Task 1: Yet to convert the ListView to Dropdown.
  • Task 2: Yet to add filterting option to deployer.

Currently , in order to run the App , you must pass a config file that has the paths of different required parameters stored in them. So to make the End-user experience more friendly , effort has been made to create Graphical User Interface which pops up when the config file is not passed.

The final interface of the GUI at the end of the day is as shown below drawing
As can be seen above, it has two parts:

  • You can select the required parameters individually on the go.
  • Or you could also pass a config file in case if you have one

First case : Selecting the required parameters graphically

While using the App for the first time , many users might forget to provide a config file as required by the app, sometimes people who are new to Linux might even find it difficult to create/pass the config file. So to make the app more user friendly and start it without going through the hastle of creating a config file , a GUI has been made using which the user can select them. Upon not selecting all the parameters it also displays a warning box as shown.
The video for the same can be found here.


While going through the codebase regarding how things are implemented , it was observerd that the provide .yml is converted to a yaml node. So code has been written to return a yaml node which has the same key:value structure as it were if a config file has been passed.

Second case : Selecting the config file graphically

If you already created a config file , and just forgot to pass it or it exists but not in the same directory and you are lazy enough to not pass the entire path, no worries you can just select the config file only instead of all the required parameters individually. And this, similar to the above part pop up an error message if no file is selected.
drawing f The video for the same can be found here.


If a config file is passed , the file is then searched to obtain it’s entire filepath , which later is used in creating a yaml::node. So basically we need to provide the filepath to the function which creates the node.

Upcomming tasks

Enable support to use the original darknet framework instead of a modified one which is currently being used. And upon completion implement the filtering and Dropdown options of this week(yet to decide).