So you like compiling ?

How it started

This week , my task was to shift the inferencer support from JDE/darknet to darknet . More elaboratly , as of now, DetectionSuite is using a modified fork of darknet which has few extra call back functions/header files which makes the it slightly better and easier to use when compared to the original one , and one is expected to install this fork if he/she wants to use Darknet as their inferencing framework.
So I divided my task into the following sub-tasks:

  • Finding and adding the extra files to the new directory
  • Integrate the newly created directory with the suite.

Finding the extra files

At first attempt I was naively looking for the files through my editors TreeView. After finding a few files , I obviously felt that I might be missing something, and guess what…. Yeah you are right , I googled it . And this can be done in much more simpler and efficient way (One could also get the lines along with their line numbers), this sure was awesome , and I filtered the only the missing files as of now and added them to the newly created directory. Well this was easy and I also leart something interesting.
Now , even more interesting part, integration .

Integrate the newly created directory with the suite.

Integrations always beep. And my knowledge on CMake was similar to someone who could code nothing but Hello World. So I began watching this cool playlist on youtube. After watching this I felt I can conquer the world . But only after I started my invasion I met Mr.Fatal Error and Mr.Undefined Reference Error.


While trying to build it I’m passing the path to the darket inferencer, which will later be used to search for header files. So far so good, but while including the directories of darknet I was getting fatal error : No such file or directory
Now again a search team has been released by my brain on how to include src files of other projects, is even doing that the right way or can it be done much more simply/elegantly. After searching and trying out a few things , this new error showed up
Before starting again , I thought I was missing something. So I started my experimentation with different hello World libraries , how to add and link them. Although they were a bit confusing, using them made it more clear. But still no luck as of now. Hopefully this will be resolved soon during this week’s meeting. In short my week can be summerized nicely using the below two pics.
drawing drawing