You can miss a few parameters in the config file


  • Task 1: This new feature to select missing parameters


  • Task 1: Yet to support original Darknet.

About and Motivation behind the feature

Well you might already know that a config file is required to run the suite, now what if you don’t know what parameters to include in the config file , as someone has already faced a (similar issue)[] we thought of implementing a gui feature which would allow the user to select the required parameters on the go if they missed to pass one.


Thanks to week2 , when I learnt how to use Qt , and once you know how to use it , the rest is simple event listners callbacks , yeah I wouldn’t say the same about integration though. I agree it’s not hard but still , I am little rusty with CMake. Thanks to my mentors for pointing out where things were going wrong.


The following video was made when an empty config file was passed.