Goals of the week

  • Teleoperation in ROS2 with C++

  • Python sensor compatibility in ROS1 and ROS2 (Camera drivers)

  • Bring Image viewer tool into our Jderobot CamViz

Teleoperation tool finished



ROS1 : Teleop_twist_keyboard_cpp

ros2 : ros2_teleop_keyboard_c++


ROS1 : ros1-teleop.py

ROS2 : ros2-teleop.py

Interface scripts:

  1. test.py

  2. pyinterface-environment_set

Teleoperation in ROS2 with C++


Python sensor compatibility in ROS1 and ROS2 (Camera drivers)

We are concerned by client side in our tools.

  • ROS1 : Python image driver is working. Link to script: ros1-image-subscriber

  • ROS2 : Python image driver code is correct but not displaying images after subscibing to a topic. It might be a driver issue. Script to run : ros2-image-subscriber

Link to issue discussion: Issue#04

**Let’s move to official repository!!!! **

…..A week full of struggles and installation stuff ……

Camviz tool : camViz-tool

No compilation chain for viz repo yet. :(

Error in building the camViz : Issue discussion Issue#33

  • Solved the Camviz after some struggle and whole discussion and problems on this issue can be found in #Issue33

  • Now working towards refactoring camViz

  1. Remove all ICE dependencies. Just keeping it compatible with ROS2

  2. Make viz repository independent of Jderobot base repository,