Coding period week 5

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Week 5

This week I improved the Behavior Studio usage guide with docker, and the installation guide for noetic-devel. Uploaded seven images to the official Jderobot’s docker hub account, two images for Behavior Studio and five base images.

I also explored more about Behavior Studio code to fix current problems with missing plugins in the new version for noetic.

As I needed to check that installation and features work similar in a local installation, I installed Ubuntu 20 and followed the steps from the Dockerfile in order to test Behavior Studio.

Week’s 4 issues

Last week I wrote about some missing saved models to test some brains in Behavior Studio, those are going be renewed by other members at Behavior Studio. I also installed Ubuntu Focal Fossa locally so I can test if the results at the containers match.

Guide for Using Docker with Behavior Studio

I improved the previous guide to use docker with Behavior Studio, I made it more detailed now and added some screenshots to help understand the steps. The guides were also updated with the latest images from the official Jderobot’s docker hub.

Guide for Installing Behavior Studio for Noetic

The project has recently been reorganized, now the default branch is melodic-devel, and the development branch is noetic-devel. All the documentation now is in the gh-pages branch in this way it would be easy to maintain documentation for both versions. So the previous docker guide was added to this new documentation branch and added the instructions for a local installation.


Deep Reinforcement Learning

While I trying to run some previous models developed during the coding period in the new version for Noetic, I noticed that there are some incompatibilities, since Ubuntu 20 brings python 3.8 as default, some Deep Reinforcement Learning frameworks do not support python3.8 yet, so an alternative would be to use virtual environments and test Behavior Studio with a new python version.

Jderobot’s docker hub

Seven images were upload the the jderobot’ docker hub.

Behavior Studio Noetic

This images are still in development since the Behavior Studio is currently being upgrade to support noetic and adding Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms.


These images the basic installation for ROS-Noetic of Jderobot base and assets 6.1.1, for the noetic images it contains ros-noetic and the ros-noetic-assets library. For now GPU images are only available for CUDA 10.1.

Week Highlights