JdeRobot toolkit provides several tools, libraries and reusable nodes for Robotics and Computer Vision. This project aims at developing a tool that provides a simple drag-and-drop interface consisting of blocks and wires which then synthesizes the program into a Python application. This will shorten the development time greatly as well as make development quite easy. Also, as the modules provide built-in functionality, the software would be much more optimized, robust and modular.

VisualCircuit will allow users to program robotic intelligence using a visual language application. This tool follows the divide and conquer approach in solving problems related to robotics and computer vision. Each block is considered as a separate and functional part of the system which is running independently at fast iterations. The modular design of this tool helps the user to think in terms of blocks running concurrently which can then be easily connected to each other with the help of wires which are basically used for communication between the blocks. This tool will allow the user to think more effectively, reduce the development time and experiment with more solutions in a short period of time.