This blog post describes some improvements in the User Interface.

Where does this fit in the project?

User Interface is an important part of any software. Mainly, engineering students are going to use our application. Having a good interface will not only help the students but also relieve the pressure on the instructor to fully explain how to use the application.

Outcome of this Week

The following GIFs are self sufficient:

Updated Training

The updated training User Interface

Updated Testing

The updated testing User Interface

Logic of the Code

The first task of this week was to test the training, without the use of elites. Using elites makes it mandatory for the simulation to be deterministic. However, these properties of determinism and speed are extra features. For now, the current focus is to have a working exercise. The code is developed enough to function without elites. Further testing solidified this assumption and the exercise now works without elites.

The second task was to improve the User Interface. Renaming the launch and python files and rearranging the content was easy to do. In addition, the behaviour of buttons was to be improved. This task was successfully accomplished!

Problems and their Solutions

These tasks were quite simple to complete, so no problems as such!