Community Bonding Period

The period of time between when accepted students are announced and the time these students are expected to start coding. This time is an excellent one to introduce students to the community, get them on the right mailing lists, working with their mentors on their timeline for the summer, etc. 1

What did I do in this period?

Discussed and planned my GSOC work with the mentors. I also had my first meeting with my mentors, they are very helpful and supportive. Got familiar with the codebase and other web technologies involved. Learned how to add a sensor to a robot, created a simple PyQt5 widget, and learned ROS-Control. I started working on the RADI-noetic focussing on the drone exercises. I’ve opened an issue and making the changes required.

Continue with Usage and Video Demonstration of the Qt widget

OK, What’s next?

Currently, the drone model spawns correctly but the drone does not takeoff. Continue working on the RADI-noetic issue. The coding period begins on 7th June, and I am really looking forward to having a great time ahead.