Week 3

GSOC Coding Week 3 Progress Report


This week I started by extending the changes of RADI-2.4.3 to RADI-noetic in PR #1051 which includes:

  • 3 new exercises: Labyrinth Escape, Position Control and Car Junction
  • New connection protocol on drones exercises
  • Browser cache control
  • RTF indicator in all exercises
  • User Interface and performance improvements

The issue #1021 [connection protocol over drone exercises] is closed but however a new issue must be created for the multi-drone exercises (currently only the drone-cat-mouse) because commander check only works good for a single drone model without somekind of identity number or vehicle name.

The issue #977 [iris models are spawned correctly but the drone does not take off through the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) takeoff method] is solved for every drone exercises except the drone-cat-mouse exercise. The sitl problem remains with the mouse [iris-red] model. For other exercises, it was solved by fixing the path of the PX4-SITL startup script in PR #125

This week I also migrated the Rescue People exercise from ROS-node to Web-template based. The goal of this exercise is to implement the logic that allows a quadrotor to recognize the faces of lost people and save their locations in order to perform a subsequent rescue maneuver. Here is a teasor video of the rescue people exercise in web-template: