Issues Created

  • #91: Update git submodule aws-robomaker-small-warehouse-world to latest commit ID
  • #93: Action server failed while executing action callback: “Empty Tree”

Issues Solved

  • #94: Fixed Behavior Tree in Amazon warehouse package; solves #93, #12, and #13
  • #92: Updated git submodule aws-robomaker-small-warehouse-world; solves #91 and #10
  • #1: Modified the; solves #10

Progress on the Issues

Fixing #93, #12, and #13

The following edits were made in PR #94:

  • Modified follow_waypoints_and_load.xml BT navigator in amazon_robot_controller.
  • Added corresponding plugin libraries to nav2_params_with_control.yaml in amazon_robot_bringup


Demo of Waypoint mode Navigation in Amazon Warehouse Single Robot Exercise (with AMCL Localization)

Ironed out the bugs mentioned in Week 7-8’s demonstration

Incorporating SLAM

  • Last week’s progress on Incorporating SLAM can be seen in the Week 9 blog — SLAM
  • Achieved lifelong mapping with turtlebot3!
    • Saved the SLAM posegraph using SLAM Toolbox RViz plugin
    • Closed and started another turtlebot3 world simulation
    • Input the posegraph file again into SLAM Toolbox RViz plugin
    • The robot perfectly identified its location in the older graph and resumed updating the graph
  • Dissected the SLAM Toolbox’ working inside the Exploring SLAM Toolbox blog

Demo of Lifelong Mapping in SLAM Toolbox with Turtlebot3