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To kick off week 11 of the coding period We discussed at the beginning of the week to start integrating the car model into Robotics Academy’s Exercises.


I started by creating a new exercise instead of changing the existing exercise because this will not break any code whatsoever. Once the exercise template was added I started by adding the Lincoln Mkz package to the RADI.

The car was imported but the plugins and functional elements were not working, most of the time was taken up for getting the plugins setup right, once the plugins were settled the car could be imported directly into gzweb.


  • Improve Documentation in Robotics Academy for Developers.
  • Start Progress on Implementing Car Model into Car Junction Exercise.
  • Create a new exercise car_junction_3 from the car junction exercise.


Most of the development of the car model has taken place in urdf and xacro, but the current state of car junction exercise is in sdf, so migrating all these files under a single roof will pave a way to implement remaining exercises as well. The coming week’s task will be more focussed towards this.