Week 2. Unibotis 27/11/2020

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This week I have done some things:

  • I made two videos for Unibotics One of Unibotics ‘Online’ or ‘Remote’

    And the other about Unibotics Local with Docker

  • I made the Installation instructions for users main page ‘How to use Unibotics’ :
image 1 image 2
‘HOW TO USE UNIBOTICS’ Installations instructions for users
  • Bettatesting Academy ‘normal’ Ros Gazebo 2.3 WebTemplates –> 2.3 WebTemplates works but I can’t put the follow line code yet. First I’m trying the follow_line code with ROSnode. Unibotics, WebTemplates and Rosnode ACADEMY works but no with the follow line. Now I understand better JdeRobot Academy versions.

  • Trying to understand the exercise’s code in host.py and page.html –> follow_line index.html and host.py I have seen the code and I have a small perspective of how works.