Extending support of Jderobot tools to ROS2

Phase 1 was full of learning new things, doing courses, lots of installation and experiments to get the things work.

Week wise detailed report links have been mentioned below:

A summary of major work done with their links and PR’s:

Sub-project Status Timeline Links Additional Comments  
Debug Camviz Done Week-1 PR#32 PR merged for bug fixing  
yaml support for ROS2 image drivers Done Week-1 ros2-drivers Fixed the error which was coming pre-gsoc period. These drivers were used in image tool later  
Migration to Dashing Done Week-1 - Installation and learning task  
ROS1-ROS2 Interface Done Week-2 cmakefile Getting right CMakelists.txt was the challenges of this task  
Dummy library- ‘Hello World!’ Done Week-2 dummy-library Important to work on simplified problem before moving to complex so hello world! library helped in creating a basic tool whose complexity was increased later  
Image tool Done week-3 + week4 Youtube , scripts codes Finished succesfully  
Docker Done week-3 + weeek4 docker Course done on docker. Since a workaround was found no need of docker right now. Facing error in starting video drivers from docker  
Teleoperation tool in-progress week4+week5 First working on robot support for this tool  

Image tool has been publisher on JdeRobot’s youtube page:

Click on image to watch video:


Twiiter: Image viewer: ROS1-ROS2 Interface