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As the Formula1 was finally up and running on my system. It was time for the interesting part of this tool. Before this I was developing the infrastructure of the tool, now it was time to actually test it and play with it.

F1 Follow Line Exercise

In this exercise, the main challenge was to make the Formula1 car follow a red line drawn on the road. The car had a camera attached to its front and a red line on the road through which it was supposed to navigate. I had to program and fine tune the PID controller to get it working properly and release a video.

To solve this exercise, the following steps were required: Simulated ROS Camera –> Cropping –> Averaging Blur –> Color Filtering –> Contour Detection –> Direction Finder –> PID Controller –> MotorDriver

I am not going into detail here as everything is demonstrated in the video. I finally solved the exercise very quickly using the tool and as everything was running in parallel, it was working pretty well.

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Additional Blocks

To get the Formula1 car running, some additional blocks had to be created. Some other blocks were also created. These blocks included:

  • PID Controller
  • Blur
  • Contour Detector
  • Cropper
  • Image Reader
  • Threshold
  • Laser Sensor


As new blocks were created, I also had to assign them thumbnails as well as write short descriptions about them.

F1 Demo

The video for the F1 Follow Line Exercise can be found below: