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The final week was spent on wrapping up all the work done throughout the 3 months.


Just to show a demonstrationthat VisualCircuit can support support complex blocks such as blocks based on deep neural networks, we decided to make a teleoperator block that uses an OpenCV based face detector using the OpenCV dnn module. What this teleoperator did was on the basic on face movement, the teleoperator navigated the Formula1 car. Also, I made a tensorflow based block but as it was running on CPU instead of GPU, it was slow for the simulation. Supporing GPU right now would have been a long task which could not be completed in the given timeline. However the OpenCV module worked fine and I recorded a video.

Updating Documentation

As some blocks were added as well as their thumbnails. I had to add the newly developed blocks to the documentation. I also took a picture of each block and described its configuration to make it more illutrative. The final documentation can be found here.

Minor Changes and Final Commit

I had to restructure some directories and delete some cached files so I could upload a clean commit to the repository. Also slight changes in version numbers were made for the release v2.0.0. Some other links to source code, license and the website were added to the tool.

Issues and Pull Requests

To track the developement properly, I created issues and pull requests of the work done in the past month instead of making a huge commit. I closed all issues and linked the corresponding pull requests to them.

Recording Demo’s

Some more demo’s were demanded for a better demonstration of the working of some blocks. These included a solution for the F1 follow line using a user defined code block, working of the dnn based face detector and common usage of parameters for the custom code block.

Updating Blog

Some of the finals days were spent on updating my blog for the final evaluation.

Release v2.0.0

Instead of cloning the repository and installing VisualCircuit from scratch which might be a difficult task for beginners working with this tool. Me and my mentor decided that it would be better to just zip the whole project and upload it as a release. We decided the version number which was v2.0.0. In this way it would be much easier for beginners to install and use this tool. Link to Release