Avatar Prakarsh is currently a senior at Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, pursuing Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering as his major. His research interests include Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Autonomous Systems, and Embodied AI.

Week 10- difficult week

Week 10

  • In the previous week multiprocessing was done with bugfixes. The PR & issue are in this post and the updates in this week’s post.*

How did I contributed in this week?

This week was the most difficult week of my GSoC. I suffered from food poisoning and was admitted to hospital. This led to a lot of difficulties to code and was almost lost touch with mentors due to these issues. A little bit of frontend was started. This week cost a lot for me.

  • The frontend goals’ work was started with Rescue people exercise according to the calendar I proposed. The updates were on following repos with theirs PRS: Drones, CustomRobots, RoboticsAcademy, CrazyS.