Avatar Prakarsh is currently a senior at Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, pursuing Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering as his major. His research interests include Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Autonomous Systems, and Embodied AI.

Week 12-frontend drone_hangar labyrinth_escape follow_turtlebot visual_lander

Week 12

  • Last week the frontend was completed for three exercises. The PR & issue are in this post and the updates in this week’s post.*

How did I contributed in this week?

The frontend of the decided remaining exercises on the calendar and some decided extra ones was completed and pushed.

  • In the drone_hangar, More than one colour of obstacles, different models added as obstacle namely cylinders & multiple size of obstacle slabs was done:

Drone people with new frontend:

without verbose

  • In the labyrinth_escape, more realistic model of labyrinth was added using texture:

Labyrinth escape with new realistic labyrinth:

without verbose

  • In the follow_turtlebot, an apriltag was integrated with turtlebot3 instead of colored plate for better frontend for detection and robot following:

Apriltag integrated turtlebot3:

without verbose

  • In the visual_lander, a road track on which the car will move, the visual marker was updated to more visually appealing model like launchpad and more visually appealing world is created :

Road track for car to move:

without verbose

Updated visual marker for drone to land on:

without verbose

Better world:

without verbose

  • And in the end for the reference, here the repos where different commits have been made:

Drones, CustomRobots, RoboticsAcademy, CrazyS