Week 8. Follow Line Automatic Evaluator 11/1/2020

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This week I have to do some things:

  • Automatic Evaluator Follow line: I did a percentage bar with circuit percentage with 60 check points,I have taken the checkpoints by hand because the ones we had were not correct. The position of the car and with the check points, the Euclidean distance is calculated. It compares with point one, if the distance is short increases the percentage, and then compares the car position with the second checkpoint and in this way it does not have to check all points all the time. I have also added the number of the lap and and the time it took.

  • Starting with Automatic evaluator obstacle avoidance: I have only done it theoretically, I have made a scheme and with the Euclidean distance we can take the closest point of the laser (the point that collides with an object) and see what score we give it.

  • I also studied the way to add in minimal mistakes a tag or other botton with the version but its not posible, also i tried to add the version in the photo with this templates but it only works in header images. so we can add the version in the explanation of the exercise and in the button we can put ‘active/go’ or ‘ prototype’ Go! color green to active, updated exercises, go! red boton to inactive or without updating and grey boton to prototype.

  • Also I resolve an issue about Frequecy Brain and Gui in unibotics exercises follow line frontend. So that it is better visualized.

  • Also I updated follow line exercise frontend of Robotics Academy offline and this is how it looks like know:

image 1 image 2
Before & After