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Since most of the major features of the tool are functional, this week I focused on:

  • Creating a demo application in the new VisualCircuit.
  • Clean the code.
  • Pushing all the new code to the original VisualCircuit repository under a different branch.

Demo Application

For the demo application, I implemented Lane Detection, same as the one present for previous version, in the examples section of VisualCircuit-resources repository.

In this application, a video file is taken as input and EdgeDetector and ObjDetector blocks are used to identify lanes and cars in the video. These are properly identified and marked in a custom code block and shown using a Screen block.

Pushing code to main repository

I also moved all the new code to an orphan branch, named ‘VisualCircuit3’ under the main repo VisualCircuit

All future developments will be done against this branch in the main repo.

Pull request: https://github.com/JdeRobot/VisualCircuit/pull/84