VisualCircuit allows users to program robotic intelligence using a visual language which consists of blocks and wires, similar to electronic circuits. Currently it’s a desktop application released for Linux based on IceStudio which uses AngularJS. The aim of this project is to make a similar web application so that users do not have to do any installation and use newer frameworks on the front-end since EOL for AngularJS is in December 2021. The requirements of the project are:

  • Make a web app that has all the functionalities as the original desktop app.
  • Add a django based wrapper to the existing backend so that it can communicate with the web-app.


  • Muhammad Taha Suhail
  • Jose Maria Cañas

Official Repository: VisualCircuit
Github Issues: Summary
Pull Requests: Summary

Recent Posts

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In this last week of GSOC I will continue the work on code documentation and also work on the Django backend for the whole application. Work on code docum...

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Coding Period - Week 8 and 9

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The new release of the VisualCircuit has some of the blocks missing, specifically the ROS sensors and Control blocks, so I will be working on them. Also, thi...

Coding Period - Week 7

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Since most of the major features of the tool are functional, this week I focused on: Creating a demo application in the new VisualCircuit. Clean the cod...

Coding Period - Week 6

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After demonstration and discussing about the parameter order issue I faced, I planned to do the following this week

Coding Period - Week 5

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This week I continued working on the composite block implementation. I took the task that was pending last week

Coding Period - Week 4

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After building a working circuit with simple blocks, this week the focus was to build components composed of the simple blocks. After the weekly meeting, the...

Community Bonding - Week 3

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Community Bonding - Week 2

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This week I started with a basic React app and started implementing the features. Based on previous meeting, the goal for this week was to

Community Bonding - Week 1

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I’m excited to be working with JdeRobot community on the VisualCircuit project!. Google Summer of Code starts off with a community bonding period where we ge...