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After my discussion with my mentors, I will be focusing on the documentation of code and GSOC blog posts for this week. And also as an added objective, will do the setup for building drone based applications. So tasks for this week were:

  • Complete pending GSOC blog posts
  • Work on code documentation
  • Do setup for drone based applications

GSOC blog posts

I had 3 weeks worth of GSOC blog posts pending. So I worked on them and updated the website.

Code documentation

I have started working on the code documentation. I still have many files pending, so will carry over this task to next week.

Issues created

  1. Documentation for VisualCircuit3 #96

Pull requests

  1. Code docstrings #97
  2. YouTube links to tutorials #98
  3. Tutorial page for VisualCircuit3 #99

Setup for drone based applications

To add more example for VisualCircuit I will be working on drones based applications (probably after GSOC). So I started with the setup for it.

I followed the tutorials present on JdeRobot Drones and after some issues with environment variables and a discussion with a fellow GSOCer Utkarsh Mishra, I was able to get the setup to work.

drone setup