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In this last week of GSOC I will continue the work on code documentation and also work on the Django backend for the whole application.

  • Work on code documentation
  • Django backend

Code documentation

I completed all the code documentation for the frontend of VisualCircuit. I have included the pull requests in my previous blog post.

Django backend

The main idea of VisualCircuit (on web) is to be able to quickly build robotic applications using pre-built blocks and then download it, to run it on local machine. So for this we need to generate a python application (package) that includes all the necessary code to run the application built on VisualCircuit.

We already have a backend which can parse the VisualCircuit file and execute it. The goal here would be to seperate out the synthesis and execution part. Building upon the django app done by Shamirtk, I created a way to generate python files for the blocks and also the user written code blocks. These files will be present inside a folder named ‘modules’ and the other files necessary for execution will also be copied over. In addition to these, I also needed a data file that holds the information about parameter values and which block is connected to what and a map for loading code files based on the block ID. These are used at runtime. All these files are packaged into a zipfile and offered for download to the user.

On the frontend, I added a new option under the ‘File’ menu, ‘Build and Download’ to submit the VisualCircuit file to the backend and download the packaged zipfile, mentioned above.

Issues created:

  1. Submit VC file to Django backend #103
  2. Refactor Python synthesis to integrate with django #105

Pull requests

  1. Submit VC model json from frontend #104
  2. Generate Python application from VC file #106

Progress Video