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The new release of the VisualCircuit has some of the blocks missing, specifically the ROS sensors and Control blocks, so I will be working on them. Also, this week I will be creating a teaser video for the new release.

  • Migrate ROS-Sensor and Control blocks
  • Create teaser video for the new release of VisualCircuit3

Migration of ROS-Sensor and Control blocks

I migrated the following blocks

  • ROS-Sensor
    • ROSCamera - Captures video from simulated ROS camera
    • Odometer - Get Robot’s position from ROS topic
  • Control
    • PID - Navigation control using PID
    • MotorDriver - Motor outputs for ROS robot control
    • Teleoperator - Robot motion using face operation

New Blocks

Issues created

ROS Sensors and Control blocks for VisualCircuit3 #86

Pull requests

add ROS sensors and Control blocks #89

Creation of Teaser Video

During my discussion with mentors, I was asked to create a minute long teaser video showing the application. But since there are many features I have created 2 videos of approximately 2 minutes each. One video shows how to use VisualCircuit for designing a robotic application and another video shows how to build a custom block from scratch and use it in a new application circuit.