About the project

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Improvement of the web templates using powerful frontend technologies

Robotics Academy is a framework for learning robotics and computer vision. It consists of several exercises, where each exercise consists of exercise.py and exercise.html, the web template is currently built on HTML, Javascript, and CSS. The purpose of this project is to migrate and improve the web template by using advanced front-end technologies like React, Vue, or Angular. The technology I have chosen for the project is REACT, an open-source library providing fast and better performance. There are 26 exercises and a Home screen that are required to be migrated to REACT. Along with REACT, worldview for 2d and 3d rendering, noVNC library to create VNC client, reactstrap for styling, react-router-dom for routing, and reactAce to create an ACE editor. The deliverable for the project will be a folder containing templates for the exercise in react, repository architecture updated accordingly, and documentation.


JdeRobot - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


  • David Maria Arribas

  • David Roldán

  • Jose María Cañas