About Me

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About Me

I am currently enrolled in the Netaji Subhas University of Technology in Delhi, pursuing a B.tech in Information Technology. I am a dedicated learner who works with full zeal and enthusiasm. I prioritize my commitments and balance each and every aspect scrupulously.

Open Source Contributions -

Huggingface/Transformer [merged]

The PR was raised against the Issue#13148, When using slow tokenizer (LayoutLM, Bert, Alberta etc.), the overflowing tokens were obtained in wrong order.

PR Summary -

  • Correction of the order of overflowing tokens for all truncation strategy for a sequence of input ids.
  • For a pair of sequences of input ids (or batch of pairs), an error should be raised for the truncation_strategy if set true or longest_first. (Discussed in the Pull Request)
  • Replaced the depreciated methods
  • Added unit test (pytest) on Circle CI

Google/Blockly [merged]

This PR fixes the Issue#5374, Filtering out the insertion marker in the function getsBlockByType will fix the issue.

Projects on Machine Learning -

AI Image Captioning Bot

  • Built an internet bot that will take an image as an input and will predict a caption as its output.
  • ResNet50 architecture was used along with transfer learning.
  • A caption generator Module was built which was embedded in the website through Flask.

Face recognition

Face recognition is a method of identifying or verifying the identity of an individual using their face. Face recognition systems can be used to identify people in photos, video, or in real-time.

Other Experiences

Android Developer at Finsara, Gurugram, India

  • Produced stunning visual elements of application by translating UI/UX design wireframes into code while producing high quality, reusable markup using Flutter
  • Designed dynamic and responsive pages
  • Integrated Backend Api into the App using swagger

Software Developer Intern - Deloitte, Hyderabad, India

  • Use Azure Form recognizer to extracts information from documents and auto-populate the desired fields.
  • Setup CI/CD Pipeline so that each commit a developer makes will go through standard process of software lifecycle and get tested well enough before it can make it to the production
  • Oversee back-end development using ASP.NET to maintain website integrity, security and efficiency.
  • Utilize such technologies like ASP.NET, MVC, React, Azure Cognitive services and MongoDB to develop new applications

GUI Developer at Team Kalpana Society

  • Working in a team of 10 to design and develop a payload that can fit in a size of a can.
  • Design the software development life cycle, developed a fully functional GUI to communicate with the payload in real-time.
  • Software and skills used - LabView and Python

Debrisat Project Intern - Space Development Nexus, New Delhi, India

Working in a team of 6 to design and develop the Attitude and control System of a nanosatellite. Design a Database to record the findings of the nanosatellites