Coding Period - Week 1

Coding period begins, I decided to follow a strict timeline in order to complete the tasks and manage my other work. Being on meet with the mentors and disucssing the challenges with them helps a lot in getting a clear picture of what to do next, how to proceed and also the confidence that “Yes, I can do it”.


  • Setup the development environment

  • React MUI library to get a handfull of material design based components for React

Accomplishment and Challenges

  • Setup the development environment [Task 1]

Setup the environment to get started with the coding period. To set up the environment, I Followed these steps:

# Clone the Repository 
$ git clone
# Create a virtual environment
$ virtualenv env
# Activate the virtual environment
$ source env/bin/activate
# Install the required package
$ pip install django django-webpack-loader  djangorestframework 
# run the development environment
$ python3 runserver

As discussed in the weekly meet, we will follow material design guidelines to build/migrate exercises. React MUI library provides comprehensive suites of UI tools and material design with easy integration into the project and in designing smooth UI.

# Make sure that your current directory is react_frontend
$ yarn add @mui/material @emotion/react @emotion/styled

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