Coding Period - Week 2

In the weekly meet, we decided to start the project with the migration of follow line exercise. Follow line exercise consists of the most basic components.


  • Creating a Exercise Base React based template

Accomplishment and Challenges

  • React Based Exercise Base Template [Task 1]

To get started with the migration of follow line exercise, I started with the refractoring of exercise_base.html which consisted of the main navigation bar. It consists of functionalities as follow -

First Toolbar -

  1. Connection - This Button connects/indicates the web server with the Robotics Academy Docker Image (RADI).
  2. Launch - This button consists of three states - launch, launching and ready.
  3. Button Group [ Documentation / Editor mode / Forum ] - This button group provides three functions - documentation, editor mode and visualization of exercise and forum to raise issues and doubts to other fellow developers.

Second Toolbar -

  1. Load File - To load a file in ace editor,
  2. Save file - To save the current code of Ace edtior,
  3. Load in Robot - To load the code in robot,
  4. Play - To play the visualization,
  5. Stop - To stop the visualization,
  6. View Sim - Opens Gazebo and helps in Simulation task,
  7. View Console - Opens Console,
  8. Teleoperate
  9. Brain frequency [Hz] - Number of iterations of the robot brain,
  10. GUI frequency [Hz] - speed of the Graphical User Interface code,
  11. SIM RTF [Gazebo simulator’s Real Time Factor] - It indicates how smoothly the simulation is running. The closer you are to 1, the better. For an instance, Consider an RTF = 0.3, it represents 1 wall clock second simulates only 300ms of simulated time.

Main challenges that I faced was how to connect all the react based code to Django templates style. To acheive that I consulted the mentors and asked for their advice.